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Rebecca Caydas

Rebecca Loves FitnessInstagram: @rebeccalovesfitness

Rebecca started out as a professional dancer, however her career was short lived after being diagnosed with anorexia. In recovery she found a love for weight training and in 2011, trained to become a personal trainer. She had found her calling; helping motivate and support others to reach their goals. After a few years of serious training she wanted to take her physique to the next level. That is when she decided to compete in 'body fitness' for the UKBFF. Now an inspiration to all competitors worldwide.

Zoe Caton

Zoe CatonInstagram: @zoe_fitness_caton

Zoe has always been extremely sporty and loved fitness! she joined a gym in 2010 and never looked back. 2 years later she took to the stage competing in bikini divisions. Since then, Zoe has been cleaning up awards and progressing to bigger and bigger stages as she goes.
A real Shark in the Gym, Zoe can be found working out every morning at 5 a.m without fail. To be the best, she knows she has to train like the best. She certainly does that.

Kate Michalkova

Kate MichalkovaInstagram: @kt_guest_elitepro

Personal trainer and nutrition adviser. Kate is a mum of two and a pro-athlete currently holding countless fitness competition titles including:
-Miami Pro July 2015. 1st place
-Pure Elite May 2014: 2nd place.
-Pro Card pure Elite 2014: 1st place.

With a “no excuses” attitude, Kate personifies what Gym Rat Inc is all about. Hard work and Dedication.

Zoe Lummis

Zoe LummisInstagram: @MuscleBunny_Lummy

Started working out early 2014, having never previously set foot in a gym, let alone lifted a weight! 
Zoe instantly fell in love with fitness and it is now her greatest passion.
She will be competing in the 2018 Miss figure contest, with the aim to inspire and support other women on there fitness journeys.
This is exactly what being a part of the Gym Rat Family is all about! - Encouraging women who may have never even been to a gym before, and showing them that 'strong' is 'sexy'. And through Fitness and Health, true confidence, happiness and achievement shines.
She trains 5 days a week and wouldn't have it any other way!